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ERP Systems

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ERP Systems
255,000.00 SR 255,000.00 SR 255000.0 SAR
Amana ERP
ERP Systems
4,330.00 SR 4,330.00 SR 4330.0 SAR
Logistic Management System
Confidently manage mass logistics operations with accurate data so that you can allocate the correct resources and run the business smoothly
ERP Systems
1,200.00 SR 1,200.00 SR 1200.0 SAR
Business Plus Non-profit
Run your nonprofit organization smoothly by tracking members, memberships, volunteers, donors, and grant applications.
ERP Systems
950.00 SR 950.00 SR 950.0 SAR
ERP Systems
1,450.00 SR 1,450.00 SR 1450.0 SAR
(3 Ratings)
Business Plus
Business Plus is an integrated application system for managing the business and daily activities of the private institution's sector.These include many applications that work with high efficiency and are linked to central databases such as human resource management, finance, manufacturing, and other applications.
ERP Systems
1,250.00 SR 1,250.00 SR 1250.0 SAR
(3 Ratings)
Business Plus Factory
In light of digital investment and for more advancement in the industrial sector that contributes to our planning for the future and our vision of developments taking place, Slnee is proud to present the Business Plus smart resource planning system for the digitization of factories, which is an open-source electronic system that helps our customers to manage operational resources in a sound and efficient manner required for all departments including human resources, finance, procurement, and warehouse management.
ERP Systems
1,150.00 SR 1,150.00 SR 1150.0 SAR
(3 Ratings)

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